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Southwest Tennessee Reconnect Community

The Southwest Tennessee Reconnect community is a locally-based organization dedicated to supporting every adult in the region who aspires to earn a college degree or credential. We work to ensure that each adult has access to the resources and supports they need to start and finish their college degree. This initiative is supported through Tennessee Reconnect, the state’s mission to help adults enter higher education to gain new skills and advance in the workplace.

Southwest Tennessee Reconnect is made up of community leaders, employers, and  higher education institutions, each focused on a plan to engage adults in the area.



  • personalized support that fits your life and needs
  • help finding the best institution to match your life and interests
  • assistance with financial aid and admissions applications
  • information regarding helpful community resources such as transportation, child care, and job placement in order to make going back to school possible


  • help to invest in your employees in a way that is cost-effective and beneficial to your organization
  • specific postsecondary plans that meet your employees’ needs and yours
  • assistance with creation of a company-branded adult learner initiative that will help you communicate with and engage your employees on postsecondary education opportunities


  • a positive voice to promote higher education in the community and the importance of a postsecondary degree for adults
  • pre-enrollment support so students have the materials and resources they need to enroll at an institution which can save time and resources among your campus staff

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