“I don’t know how to apply to college, or even where I want to go.”

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Begin by signing up with a Southwest TN Reconnect advisor. Learn what Tennessee has to offer you as an adult learner. There is plenty of good advice available and your Southwest TN Reconnect advisor will help you navigate through it. Make it fun, like shopping for a new life!

“I already have a good job, so I’m good.”

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Even if you are currently satisfied with your career, a degree can open up new doors for promotion and increase your earning potential. We are here to help you build upon your previous experiences and knowledge so you can earn a degree in a way that best fits your needs. Competition for high paying, stable jobs is increasing. You already have the experience, but combined with education- you will now have the knowledge, skills and the motivation that employers seek.

“I don’t know anything about higher education. It just feels too overwhelming.”

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Here is where Southwest TN Reconnect advisors go to work. Advisors will help you explore your options. They have information on schools in the area as well as degree requirements for local industries and positions. They can help you connect to community resources to help you with financial aid, transportation, childcare, etc.

“I have a bunch of questions and I don’t know who to ask.”

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You are in the right place. The focus of Southwest TN Reconnect is to help you find the answers to your questions. Together we can explore community options and build a plan just right for you.

The first step is probably the hardest, but it is possible. We will be there for you every step of the way until you graduate! We are committed to helping you find flexible options that fit your needs and supporting you through to completion. We recognize more so now than ever the importance of a postsecondary credential to earning higher wages and opening up career opportunities.

“No one else in my family has ever gone to college, so I don’t need to.”

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How exciting to lead the way in your family! Your decision to go back to college will positively impact your family for years to come. The work place has and is changing. A degree is a valuable tool for success. It can be hard to be the first in your family but with the support of your Southwest TN Reconnect advisor, you will make it.

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