“I’m not smart enough.”

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I’ve heard it said, “90 percent of genius is hard work”. If you are willing to put in the time you can reach your goal. Most campuses have centers to help you sharpening up your skills and learn new technology. The fact that you are looking at this site shows you are smart enough to know that the workforce is changing and you want to change with it.

“I’m too old.”

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Many adults report feeling like they may be too old to go back to school. But 1 out of 4 undergraduate college students at our Tennessee public institutions are adult learners! You are not alone and we will make sure you connect with a support system of peer adult learners. With age, comes wisdom. Focus on the skills that life has taught you and that will help you get your degree: time management, perseverance, work ethic, etc. ‘Reconnect’ students often blow the curve for those traditional students who have not yet learned to focus.

“I’m afraid I’ll fail.”

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Failure to get a degree is a sure thing unless you try. Your Southwest TN Reconnect coach will help you find the resources you need to be a success. The basic keys to success are: go to class, pay attention, and do the homework. You will find that instructors as well as fellow students all want you to succeed and will be willing to help when it is needed.

“I never planned to go to school, so I’m probably not qualified to get in. “

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How about let’s check and see? Once you see what you need to get in, start there. The admission office at your school will work with you. They are there to get you admitted into school, not keep you out.

“I won’t fit in.”

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More than 3 million higher education students are over the age of 35, and nearly 10 million are over the age of 22* Like you, many students will be juggling work, home and school. Your Southwest TN Reconnect counselor will help you build a network of support.

*According to the National Center for Education Statistics

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