“I have a bunch of questions and I don’t know who to ask.”

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You have already started finding the answers to your questions by coming to this site. Your Southwest TN Reconnect coach is a great resource for questions. They may not know the answer but they will help you connect with someone who does. All schools have admission counselors who will answer your questions and even give you answers to questions you don’t know to ask.

“School looks really boring. I just want to get a job instead.”

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Maybe attending class and taking a exams doesn’t appeal to you but I bet this does. In 2013, the average annual income for those with a college degree was $48,500, but people with a high school degree made only $24k* Keep your eye on the goal. This is the start of a new life.

*According to the National Center for Education Statistics

“I have friends who dropped out. They seem fine.”

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The market place is always changing. A degree is your tool to be able to change with it. Work experience coupled with a degree opens up worlds of opportunities that aren’t available otherwise. Your return to school may the inspiration they need to do the same. A postsecondary education also reaps benefits beyond increased wages. College graduates report having motivating jobs, enjoying their work, and gaining confidence. People with college degrees are also more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices such as exercising more and avoiding smoking. These are habits that can make a significant difference in your general well-being.

“It’s too hard! I don’t think I can do what will be asked of me. “

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The only certain way to fail is to never try. If you haven’t been to school in a while you know things have changed and the unknown can be daunting. Your Southwest TN Reconnect counselor will be there with you each step of the way. Remember you will be laying the foundation for your life. It will be work but you won’t be alone. Family, friends and classmates will all be there to help you and cheer you on.

“Nobody in my family went to school. Why should I?”

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Every parent’s dream is for their children to surpass them in achievement. Being the only one just means you are the first. When you earn your degree, you are also impacting the next generation. They will be encouraged by your success and you will be able to mentor them as they begin their own college career. One of the most significant predictors of a child completing postsecondary education is the educational attainment level of their parents.

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